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TMNT 2014 Movie - My Experience

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 9:27 AM

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So yeah. It took me a while to get back to you guys about this movie.

As you already know, I loved it. I saw it twice with :icondnlnamek01: while I was at Otakon. When my PCD (Post-Con Depression) set in after a couple days of the con, I went and saw the movie again in my hometown, but this time in 3D.

I'll say this real quick in comparison to the standard and 3D. The 3D was okay, but it's nothing that I got really spastic about. Standard in my opinion is all you need. I got ripped off. I didn't get anything cute because I was going to see it 3D. Some places offered things like posters, dog tags, special 3D glasses that looked like bandannas - I got none of that. LOL

Before I get into detail about the movie itself, I'd actually like to share you all a story of an incident that happened when I saw the 3D version:

I was feeling depressed about the convention being over and having to say good-bye for now to :icondnlnamek01: and :iconsatura: so I wanted to do something to cheer me up. So I went to see the TMNT movie in 3D.

I was quite early in arriving to the movie that I sat outside of the theater room as the ending parts were playing. When that was done I went inside and sat in the row farthest back and right in the middle. I waited a while and then I saw a dad with his daughter walking in. Then I heard a loud THUD. The poor girl had fallen over on one of those theater steps. (Those things are HARD).

The poor thing was crying and I felt awful because her father seemed distressed also. So I rushed down and went to check on them. I helped him with his daughter (who had to been about 5) and he was appreciative, but she didn't stop crying yet.

I reached to the side of my purse and noticed my sketchbook from Otakon was still in there ( I never unpacked everything). And that gave me an idea.

So I looked to the girl and asked her a simple question: "You're a really big fan of the Ninja Turtles, huh?"

She just nods her head as she's wiping tears back.

Then I replied, "Hold on for a moment..." and I started drawing. I gave her a bunch of TMNT drawings.

She was BEAMING. BEAMING. She loved them.

Again her father was very appreciative and admired my talent.

Shortly after I went back over to my seat (which was still there surprisingly Lol) That was literally one of the best moments of me giving artwork to someone I didn't know and made them happy.

The show was nice for me because there were a lot of parents with their kids. Why is that a good thing? Well, it made me think back to my first Turtles movie. I saw the original in the theater when I was 5-6. They seemed to be about the same age I was and I thought, "Oh my God... THEY'RE watching their first Turtles movie this time."

-shrug- Maybe I'm corny for thinking that way - who knows? That was my nostalgia explosion for me this year. And to see kids enjoying the film like I did when I saw the 1990s movie - it made me really happy.

...not to mention before the movie even started, my mom sent me a text to cheer me up which read:

"Cowhoabunga dude. i know i spelled it wrong."

I couldn't stop laughing to myself because she spelled it wrong, but it was sweet of her to do something like that for me. She only knows a little bit about TMNT mostly from the 80s. I still have that text on my phone. XDD


ANYWAYS I should get to the main event and try to not give spoilers.

As you already know - I love this movie. So much.

I know it's not for everyone, but I can't help but love it.

The comic book style intro to me was gorgeous. It helped really set the tone in my opinion for the film.

Megan Fox being April O'Neil - yes I was one of those people that was very skeptical about it, but I thought she did pretty good! I think it's because she actually knows the source material considering Mikey is her favorite. But she didn't bore me and she didn't annoy me either. Plus she was kind of cute. Lol She was focused on a lot during the film, but to me it wasn't too much for my tastes. I felt pretty satisfied with the whole human good guys, turtles, human bad guys ratio in screen time.

Will Arnett I thought was very good with his role of Vern Fenwick. He's probably my favorite human character in the film because he was that enjoyable to watch.

Villain's plots were over the top and silly in a sense, but you know what? It worked. -shrug- LOL I didn't hate it or get ticked off by it.

Oh and speaking of - did you all notice that Baxter Stockman was standing behind Eric Sacks (Yeah it was Sachs before, but on screen its Sacks. -shrug-) during young April's footage?

Also I was told that the turtles weren't seen until 40 minutes into the film. No. No. No. Not even close. (But then again - I could be wrong. I didn't care about time. -shrugs- I thought they showed up at a good time. I didn't care because I was just excited to watch a Turtles movie) They're show up sooner than that. -sips tea- They didn't show up right from the beginning, but it did make you anticipate them. Not like movie 1 anticipation I'll admit, but you wanted to see them regardless.

Now you all may be wondering this time. What did I think of the turtles and Splinter?


Yes, they are all very different that how we are so used to seeing them, but think about it - in each new Turtles lore the turtles look different, act different, and start their origin differently. That's the beauty about making a new lore for the franchise.

Now don't get me wrong, when I saw the designs at first, I was taken aback. But when I watched more of them in trailers and special clips - I couldn't' help but love them.

Heck. I am bold to say that out of all movie lore - I actually like these designs the best. ...-holds up protective shield to avoid thrown objects- Hear me out - I'll tell you why.

* I love these designs because the turtles in my opinion - their looks and personalities are very distinct. They each stand out moreso in their own way. Sure, I'll admit they don't look like teenagers, but they didn't act or look it in the 2003 series. So it works. LOL

Don't get me wrong - I love movie 1 and 2, but to me their personalities let alone design were not as impactful to me. Does that mean I hate these designs and films now? OH HECK NO! I love them to this day! They were my first movies growing up! I could never go against that.

Now speaking of the turtles - I thought they were awesome. The voices and the CG with the motion capture were great. And when a punch was thrown - I could feel that. That was awesome.

Heck, you know what's funny? This movie made me love Raph/April again ever since the 1990s movie. XDDD I cannot help but adore this version of Raph... Now if I were to rank my fav turtles this time it would be:

1. Leonardo (Duh)
2. Raphael (originally 3rd)
3. Donatello (originally 2nd)
4. Michelangelo (Sorry Mikey. n///n)

I even loved Splinter in this film. He was pretty cool on how he was a much stricter sensei and at the same time a wonderful father. ...GAAAAH THE BABY TURTLES SCENES! DX SO CUTE!

-clears throat-

Anyway... Shredder I thought was very cool, too. He's to me the most intimidating Shredder when it comes to the movies. I didn't realize his blades could COME BACK to him. That shocked me.

Karai is in the film... but she's just there. Yeah. -sips tea-

The musical score was awesome too. They were done by Brian Tyler - which is the man that did Transformers Prime music. I recommend checking out his stuff. They're gorgeous to listen to. Heck, I bought the soundtrack when I got home.

Now if I had a complaint about this movie? I wanted to see more of the lair! I saw more pictures online of it and I would have loved to have seen the lair moreso. It's funny how they have a coffee table and couch made out of Pizza Hut boxes. XDDD

    Also most of you probably know by now - they are having a sequel June 3, 2016. Supposedly we're getting Bebop and Rocksteady, and Casey Jones. Oh dang.

Overall, I have so much love for this film. The characters were awesome, the visuals were pretty sweet, the action was extreme, and the musical score was wonderful.

Now is this a movie for everyone? Probably not. I would say it's for anyone that is an open minded Turtles fan to where they're not going to be like "Ew but Micheal Bay" or "Ew the designs though..."

That's just my opinion though! Not to offend anyone.

So what did you guys think of the movie?! Feel free to leave comments. Just no flame wars. On my page, I don't tolerate drama of any kind. Ever.


PS - Yes. I cracked up over the elevator scene. It's now my ringtone.

-toothpick sticking out of mouth- "...Cowabunga."

I am currently listening to...


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