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As once said by Gonzo the Great... "ART! ART! ART!"

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1: You have to answer all 14 questions! Copy & Paste the questions only!
2: You need to tagged at least 20 or more people! 
3: Answers all questions in a honest way!
4: It's okay to cuss, admit something embarrassing & be a peemrv!
5: If you don't do this tagged you'll have to do what I say & if you don't I'll bug you for it! XD
Tagged by xXMiry-ChanXx
1: Hello, who are you & what's your name?
I am TMNT-Raph-fan aka Nicole

2: Alright now who's your favorite TMNT universe?

2003 series. Loved the style, animation, writing and voice acting.
3: Who's your favorite TMNT character from that certain Universe?
Raphael, of course.
4: Awesome! Now which of those TMNT character you have a crush on or what's your fictional crush?
Raph again. I seem to always fall for the fictional bad boys with soft hearts.
5: Oh lala! XD Now who's your favorite TMNT OC?
Liz by
:icontmnt-raph-fan:TMNT-Raph-fan 3 12
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Tundra watched Optimus Prime leave the room, trying to keep the blushing down to acceptable levels. It was nice to know that he respected her like that, she thought with a smile.
She turned around and the smile dropped from her face. Smokescreen was standing behind her, a sneaky grin creeping across his face.
“What is it, Smokescreen?” Tundra asked.
“You like him!” said Smokescreen, pointing a finger at her.
“Huh?” Tundra could feel her face heating up. “Wh-what? Smokescreen, why would you say that?”
“I can tell,” said Smokescreen. "They teach you how to read people in the Elite Corps., but even if I didn’t know how, I could tell. Hey, how does Optimus not know?”
“It’s that obvious?” whimpered Tundra.
“No, hey, hey, hey, don’t cry!”
“I’m not going to cry!” snapped Tundra. “What do you even want?”
“Ratchet wanted some tools,” said Smokescr
:iconbloodlily16:BloodLily16 3 4
Tundra/Optimus Prime One-Shot
“Hey, Ratchet,” said Miko. “Okay, so I don’t want the full speech, I just need to know: when you guys have whatever version of kids you guys have, do they look like both of the parents?”
“…” Ratchet turned to look at Miko. "Why?”
“I asked first,” said Miko, twirling a colored pencil in her hands.
“The sparkling does exhibit characteristics from both the sire and carrier, yes,” said Ratchet.
“Okay, great!” Miko turned her sketchbook around showed it to Ratchet. “What do you think?”
Ratchet sighed and went over to the area with the couch. He leaned down and squinted at the tiny drawing. “…It’s a Sparkling. It almost looks like Optimus, but the frame is too bulky, the paint job’s wrong, and the kibble on its arms more resembles Tundra's.”
“I drew what I think Tundra and Optimus’ kid would look like if they got together!” said MIko, grinning
:iconbloodlily16:BloodLily16 4 13
HANDS by Autumn123Charlotte HANDS :iconautumn123charlotte:Autumn123Charlotte 308 36 Snake Catcher by xXTheTuneInTheWindXx Snake Catcher :iconxxthetuneinthewindxx:xXTheTuneInTheWindXx 94 13 Cheese Sandwich x Pinkiepie by CoffeeLSB Cheese Sandwich x Pinkiepie :iconcoffeelsb:CoffeeLSB 229 15
Here is where I fave peoples' epic artworks of awesomeness.
Hey everyone.

How have you all been?

I've had my ups and downs as of late. (Then again who doesn't?)

Anyways, I just thought I'd pop in for a moment to let you all know what's up as of late.

First of all, I'm really sorry for not having new content and that I have been really quiet as of late. Mostly it's because I honestly really don't know what to talk about or even post.

Don't get me wrong, I HAVE tried to draw stuff, but nothing seems to appeal to me. I've been this was for months.

It's just that I've had moments where I question myself on things. It's kind of hard to explain...

-clears throat-

If anything I mostly spend my time over at my tumblr of I seem to have a lot of fun there lately. (I'm not leaving any of my art sites - don't worry.)

As a side note though, I did see the new TMNT series content... and as some may know - I'm not impressed. At all. HOWEVER I am not against anyone that does support this AND I am willing to watch some of it to make a judgement for myself. I think the important thing is - if children enjoy it - that's great - it's mostly for them anyway.

And also the DLC for Injustice 2 of TMNT - oh dear Lord it's the best thing ever.'s a shame I can't play it on my PC though. -pout-

A-anyway... other than that, I've been messing around with my brother's Switch... anyone else play ARMS? I do enjoy playing against people.

Other than that... I might do something for Valentine's Day... Maybe something self indulgent in a sense. I don't know. I haven't had any plans for that day in general anyway.

Well, I guess that's about it. I know I'm pretty boring. Hopefully things will liven up for me soon.




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